Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Blog Blast for Peace 2014!

Everywoofybody is blasting out at Mimi"s blog today!!!

Okay Mimi, count me in.
This is my peaceful look.

And here is Kizu:
That is woofy peaceful too
considering that he goes around destroying
all of Heaven!

And here is Kizu's pop, Hughes:
Hughes try to look indifferent.
I guess that is peace too.
You run amuck and then you lie down
and you look silly and innocent
and when the hoomans asked
who did it???
you give them the "not me" look.

And here's the kitten and mom tandem:
Petrine and her mom Petra
forming a heart as they eat.
Never mind that they bully Petrocelli
into staying in the corner for once!

This happy cat family
with all their noise, and running and whining
is peaceful to Keeper.

Oh I can not be fooled
by all of them.
I know their secrets
and I know their drooly stories.
If peace is it
so be it!

and Peace is not missing the beat
even when somebody is off the beat.

Happy peace day, whatever, people!
May your drooly world rock like mine!