Sunday, August 31, 2014

This Is What I See When I Wake Up

Oh. My. Dog!

I have to rub my eyes
but then I can't.
No sound would come out of my drooly mouth!

Ahhhh, it is just Kizu!
Kizu's folded ears 
and megasized snout
near my face 
can really scare me
when I get startled
from my nap!

But wait.
I woofy swear that ear was folded!

Now look at that big snout pup sleep . . .
Oh why does he have to sleep beside me
and startle me in my sleep?!!!

Kizu's awake!
I swear he was drooly sleeping awhile back!
Ahhhh, I must be dreaming!

Life does not seem normal
whenever I wake up from my naps.
Suddenly, the world is too noisy
too big, too white, too umber .. .
it is just TOO much!

Speaking of umber . . .
watch how Hughes scan RainbowAve:
Hughes love to drool at all passing girls.
Most especially girls with dogs on leash.
I bet Hughes misses his girlfriend Whitey!

I have to watch out for these pup and pop team.
They seem to be growing up fast
while I nap!

Meantime, Petrocelli is busy on the roof.
I think having a kitten like Petrine is keeping him busy.
I hear them playing like crazy on the roof
and I hear Luchie shouting at them:
"Watch it, Petrine!
Don't play too much on the roof!
You might fall, heaven forbid!"

On most days
there is only Petrine and her mom, Petra.
These two cats are all I see
whenever I look up.

Lui said I should retire.
I should leave the guarding duties
to the pop and pup team 
of Hughes and Kizu.
I should just relax
and listen to her sing to me.
But what would I do?
Superdogs do not retire.
We grow old but we need to stay on top.
Now I wonder where Keeper is?
I think I need a massage . . .

What do you see when you wake up?