Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Can You Woofy See Me?

Look again.

Now, I'm sure you can see me.

Now can you see me here?

I am woofy sleeping somewhere there.

It won't take long for somebody dark . . .
. . . will smell me out 
and stay close.

Hughes, our new adopted pup,
is so at home
and is so enamored of me
that it makes me sick
just by looking at that muddy color
that Keeper calls "umber" . . .

Now, do you see this?

It fell from Keeper's bin.
Keeper usually recycles paper
to make into anything artsy.
But not this one . . .

It looks crumpled
and thrown into the trash bin.

When nobody wants it
I want it!

It's your woofy thingy.
Nothing that you want.
Nothing for your artsy.
I bit it all into nothingness.

That should make a good literary piece, Keeper.

So how is your week?