Sunday, July 13, 2014

SuperMoon Blues

It is a time of Confused Weather.
Sunny and Cloudy at the same time!

Kizu is alarmed:

Hughes is alarmed as well:
. . . is it going to rain on a hot day?

I was napping of course.
. . . but these two Popsy and Pup team woke me up.

Kizu wanted me to walk with him . . .

Petrocelli does not approve:

But I need to be in control
so I call Hughes and Kizu . . .
. . . and I tell them to stay put!
. . . and told them not to go anywhere . . .
. . . and I bark "No Protests!"
And now at the count of three
Of course Hughes does not want to sleep
but they will do as I say . . .
. . . we can  not have everybody
running off when the full moon
is acting up!
. . . when the full moon is acting up
everybody should lie low
let it pass
and drooly wait it out . . .
. . . and maybe
when its all over
we can resume our drooly whatever.
For now, all creatures in Heaven
should take a nap!

Now where is Keeper?