Sunday, June 23, 2013

I Am Front

Here's my superdog face 
in case you've forgotten.
I'm back and I'm front.

And here's my gofer, Babur:

And now here's Keeper inspecting my paw:

And here's Keeper inspecting Babur's paw:

. . . and checks Babur's nose too:
Keeper wanted to make sure it is wet.
She checks Babur's paws again:
. . . to check where Babur went.
And checks Babur's tail too:

And before Keeper goes to do the routine on me
I pretend sleep:

And ask ma gofer to watch over me for a change:

Babur may not look it
but he's a good watchdog:

Now dontcha let anybody touch me
or inspect my paws, my tails, my whatever!

Babur makes a good watchdog
except when one offers him a cookie
and when that happens
that watchdog is a dud.

Now don't tell me I didn't warn you!


  1. YOu and Babur make a great pair, Sweepy!

  2. How sweet ! Every inspected thing seems to be OK !

  3. i can’t help but see woes on the superdog’s eyes, how’s that? while babur is an epitome of silliness here.

    sweet hugs for you both!

  4. Elna, the "woes" is because the superdog's eyes are now fuzzy and he can't see clearly ;-(


    1. oh the signs of aging, don't worry babur would be his seeing eyes :)

  5. Hi Sweepy!
    Inspections are necessary for good health, and they only take a minute!
    Keep Cool!
    Lea's Menagerie