Sunday, July 13, 2014

SuperMoon Blues

It is a time of Confused Weather.
Sunny and Cloudy at the same time!

Kizu is alarmed:

Hughes is alarmed as well:
. . . is it going to rain on a hot day?

I was napping of course.
. . . but these two Popsy and Pup team woke me up.

Kizu wanted me to walk with him . . .

Petrocelli does not approve:

But I need to be in control
so I call Hughes and Kizu . . .
. . . and I tell them to stay put!
. . . and told them not to go anywhere . . .
. . . and I bark "No Protests!"
And now at the count of three
Of course Hughes does not want to sleep
but they will do as I say . . .
. . . we can  not have everybody
running off when the full moon
is acting up!
. . . when the full moon is acting up
everybody should lie low
let it pass
and drooly wait it out . . .
. . . and maybe
when its all over
we can resume our drooly whatever.
For now, all creatures in Heaven
should take a nap!

Now where is Keeper?


  1. It sure looks like you are taking real good care of things in Heaven, handsome boy! I think Hughes and Kizu, just love you. I love you too!!

    Sending you hugs and kisses. Please find Keeper, and share some with her! xo.

  2. They can all depend on you to take charge, Sweepy. (Sorry, Petrocelli)

  3. Maybe Keeper is out launching a moon dance??
    Hello Sweepy, good to see you and your friends again! :)
    I hope you're feeling better and up to play with Hughes and Kizu!
    Yes the moon influences our minds, our lives..
    About Petrocelli, has he been wounded somehow?
    I and Pusa are sending you kisses and hugs! :) '')/
    Have a lovely time, in rain as in sun! :)

  4. i hope everyone remained dry while the rammasun was raging wild last wednesday. now, praying for a drier weekend.