Monday, July 16, 2012

I'm So Back!

I know I know . . .
It isn't my drooly fault.
Keeper has been gone
and left my blog to rot!
But lookit.
I am so drooly fine.
For two months that I was gone
I aged like two drooly hooman years.
That makes me drooly old.
And so much a senior dog.

And whaddya know
I just went on sabbadogical
and Ashley gave birth!
So for Ashley's baby Felicity
I am back to do . . .

Woofy CALM.

And woofy FRESH

  And when one is both calm and fresh . . .

. . . you get Petals!

And soon you get WATER!
That means somebody is watering the garden mindlessly!
Hey Luchie you better watchit
because the whole garden is falling!

You can't trust absentminded people to do tasks in this house!

And now Ashley wants 8:
so I give her 8 and Red
in case she needs it.
One never knows what a new Mom might need.

And now I need a walk. . .
. . . if only Keeper will come home early to take me out.


  1. bless yooo Sweeepy owf couwrse yoo can joyn da olermpiks, send me a pic owf a yourself walkin on grass at posiedorg (at) gmail (dot) com

    Mum says:
    Then go to and pick a couple events you want to enter, and email them with your pics! but do it today! thanks,

    Posie and her mum! xoxx

  2. You certainly will win the gold medal ! At least to make people laugh with your cute face !

  3. Oh dear Sweepy, I'm so glad you are back! =) I've really missed you and the keeper! :)

    Lovely photos and a beautiful red 8! :)
    I had to kiss your nose on the first photo here! :D
    Maybe you did notice? Dogs and cats take notice of so much more than human beeings.. ;)

    Drooly kisses from Viola :)
    and Pusa of course! ^^)

  4. Oh sweepy - I've missed your drooly face.