Sunday, July 22, 2012


 Last TwosDay I found out that the Pet Olympics is back
(years ago it was called Pawlimpics)
and I immediately went to work!

I practiced my Digging skills!
Hey Keeper there are drooly weeds everywhere!

I practiced my Retrieving Skills:
 Ooopsy, somebody left an empty candy wrapper
under the miniature fountain
and my humans are not allowed to eat candies!

And I practiced my PeeMails:
 But there are no PeeMail category! Ugh!

I also found out I am so drooly late
because the deadline was the next day!
 Now that's what you drooly get
when you've been napping for weeks!

But dontcha worry
because I crammed my fearless moves
and peemailed everyhooman judge
a few hours before the deadline at midnight.
I hope this senior dog was able to beat the deadline!

I am just in time for Ashley's

Tell Me A Story

Once there was a supersomething . . .

I hope my double barking moves
don't bring the village security at our door
to penalize Keeper for nuisance!

I am so wrapped up trying to catch up with the OlymPics
that I failed to see Keeper
laughing her heart out at me!

Time Together

"Sweepy, you are so pathetic!"

Keeper thinks my drooly bright knight costume is too small for me!
And that's what you get for having a drooly hooman
who is not only late but thinks I am a satire in action!

Love & Couple
But that's OK
because in the end
Keeper and I 
will always be a love couple.

Now if only my other half
would not be so drooly furgitfull!


  1. What a cute postmy Kelpie is very good at pee-sniffing and wrapper finding so be ready for a challenge!

  2. Sweepy, I love your drooly bright knight costume! Such a good post, and I think that your last picture with your Keeper is my favorite :)

  3. Lovely post Sweepy! And such a romantic sweet gorgeous photo the last one here! :)

    I like all your photos! :)