Thursday, April 25, 2013

Woohoo, I'm Back!

. . . and front.
And with the growing Babur.
Babur is now taller than me
and that pup is only 8 months old.
But then I am not really a tall dog.

Babur is pretty tall but scrawny type.
He eats a lot though
but he can not get heavy
because he moves around a lot.

Which is pretty crazy 
since he is alone most days:

I prefer to stay somewhere hidden:

It is best to stay out of the limelight once in a while
because the humans will not bother you . . .

Of course if I need attention
I just sit like this
and somebody is bound to come
and make a fuss over me . . .

Hello anybody?
Where is anybody?

But when nobody's home to fuss over me
I just sit and grumble.
I wonder where Keeper is?

If anybody has seen Keeper
please ask her to come home right away!


  1. lui, sweepy is missing you so much! make time for the lonely superdog please :D

    our hugs and kisses to babur and sweepy! –bea, ate shen and luckydoo

  2. Hay naku, Elna, he is so over melodramatic! Ganyan talaga pag tumatanda ata ;-)

    Sweepy is now protesting the mass killing of whales.

  3. Adorable photos and story! =)