Monday, March 18, 2013

I Am Woofy 11

Hmmm, I knew something was up this week.
I can sense something!

It is my woofy bday!
I wish Keeper would sing well
and not out of tune
lest the neighbors think 
something bad is happening in our house!

Yup, Keeper is home
and I am so happy.
Somebody will massage my back
clean and tickle my ears
kiss my drooly face
and smell my paws.

But dontcha worry, furries.
My cake has no chocolates:
It only has butter cake.
Fattening but OK.
And Keeper has to cut it into bite-sized pieces
as if to insinuate that my fangs are useless. Ugh!
And no icing too.
Keeper removed them!
Hey, old dogs need sugar too y'know!

But the frisky pup Babur
wants to make sure I lick all the cake out!

And that is what I do all day and all week:
Watch that frisky guy even in his nap!
He sometimes talk in his sleep
and snores like there's no tomorrow.
Ya better watch it!

And lookit:
Babur is only six months old
and he is now way taller than me.
He is a bit thinner but he moves way faster
and too frisky for my taste really.
Will you look after him, Keeper?

I said to look after him
and not look at him!
Babur growls when Keeper eyes him up close.
He gets way too suspicious, y'see.

And now lookit:
A treat for senior dogs.
Must you ram that in my face, Keeper!
I know I'm old.
I know my bones are old.
I know I should watch them sweets
but you need not announce that to the world!

Hmmm, I think I smell a conspiracy somewhere.
I think somebody is making fun of me.

Oh but what the heck!
Its OK to be old as long as you look young ;-)
. . . its my woofy birthday
and you are all invited.
Bring Your Own Baon!
(Baon = Food)
And hug your drooly self!


  1. happy woofy birthday to the super pinoy dog! don't you worry, you don't really look that old -only wiser and princely as before :) may you have more birthday cakes to wolf down!

    -love, shen-bea-luckydoo

    p.s. from bea: mom is asking what is glucosamine brand you're taking to stay fit?

  2. You certainly are a super dog! This is a great party and the cake is delicious!!! Thanks for inviting all of us even tho we are just cats!

    Happy St Pat's and thanks for coming to my party!

    Darby and Cats of wildcat woods

  3. January, our vet gave us InHancer supplements mixed with food as prevention for my woofy bone and also of our pup Babur because he has ricketts. We also take virgin coconut oil a teaspoon a day ;-) And dontcha forget worm tablets annually ;-) Shen's vet would recommend what is good for her ;-)

  4. thanks for the advise Sweepy dear! will ask our Vet abt the supplements too. and yes, we're taking the worm tablets too, in our case twice a year as recommended. enjoying your birthday still, woof! -bea

  5. Happy birthday ! and many birthdays to come !

  6. Hello dear Sweepy!!
    Happy woofy 11th birthday to you!! =)

    So fun to read about how your special day is!

    and wow!! what a birthday cakes!! even two of them?! It looks very delicious! =) I think we will taste it.. :))
    Yummy!! Thanks! ^^) :)

    Hugs from Pusa ^^)
    Viola :)

    Great photos!! :)

  7. Now we can see THREE lovely cakes!! =)

    and Sweepy - you are looking so young and sweet!!

  8. Thanks for the invitation! :) I saw it just now, after having published my comments here in your blog. I think it might be dark and evening at your place now.. here it's the middle of the day, March 18th.. how fun that can be?! :))

    Your cakes tasted so wonderful!! We take one more slice of the cake! :)) Pusa licks the cream -yummy! :)

  9. Happy Birthday lovable Sweepy!

  10. Oh Sweepy! How'd I miss your birthday? You look very handsome in these photos.
    Sending you belated wishes and hugs!