Tuesday, August 20, 2013

She Is Back!

Keeper is woofy back!

Luchie said we should not run and greet Keeper silly
with our drooly kisses and clumsy woofy hugs
because Keeper has wounds and is weak.
The OtherKeeper Luchie kept watch while Keeper was away.
Luchie updated us on Keeper's condition.

Are we going to keep out of Keeper's way?

"Of course not!
Come to me my gorgeous hounds!
Let me tickle your tumtum
and let me sing to you
of how I miss all your smelly furs!"
-Keeper Lui

Talk of smelly reunion.

Keeper's saga is long and boring
so ya better drooly read it on her blog here and here.
Her voice sound hoarse though.

I am super woofy happy she is back!
She may move slow
but she can watch us eat
and sing funny
and laugh silly
and smell sick
but she will not allow us to lick her wounds.

Humans don't know this
but we lick our wounds to heal it.
But what the hey
kisses or not
I am glad she is back . . .

. . . to watch me sleep . . .

. . . and heckle her way into my nap time . . .
". . . sweepy, my sleeping senior dog . . .
all awash in snoring bliss . . ."

. . . but I will take all that in . . .
as long as she is there beside me . . .
I won't mind it a bit.

And now she tells me this:

Alright, lady, you've crossed the lines!
I may be old and senior
but hey, I ain't sitting and retiring.

Now tell me
does this superdog look senior?

. . . now where was I . . .
is it nap time or chow time?


  1. Its hug time, Sweepy!
    And sing time, and love time and all the time in the world for us!!!

  2. I am so happy for you all that Keeper is back home again. Please tell your ver dear Keeper I send lots of hugs for a speedy recovery, and lots of ear scratches and hugs to you :)

  3. You don't look at all like a senior dog, Sweepy! I'll bet you and Babur sleep more easily now that Keeper is home.

  4. I am so glad Keeper is back, Sweetheart, and I know you are too!
    You be very sure that she takes really good care of herself.
    Sending you big hugs, sweet boy! xo.

  5. Yay, keeper is back. Now take care of her okay.

    Sending all our love and purrs.

    Emma and Buster

  6. Can imagine that you are so happy that Keeper is at home again ! Hopefully she is getting better and better each day so that you can jump on her again !

  7. and you're similarly back my dear! :)

    keeper needs a lot of rest so she could recover fastly, so she could walk you around again, so she could watch over you and babur lovingly.

    p.s. i’m glad to hear from keeper that heaven remained dry despite the extended rainstorms. keep warm and safe.

  8. Great news!! You dogs will be the best medicine for keepers speedy recovery.

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  9. Oh no, Sweepy, you're not retiring at all! you're looking
    young and you are sooo beautiful! =)
    I'm glad Keeper came back, even if Luchie was good to have when Keeper was away! I hope your Keeper is doing fine, send
    her a lots of greetings from me and Pusa! :) ^^) Hope she is becoming stronger and stronger each day!

    Your photos always make me feel good! :)

    We miss you all! :)