Sunday, September 29, 2013

What's Up, September?

Woofsy, its the BER months
and BER months in my country means
well, BER months.
The hoomans start their countdown to
Christmas . . .

Well, I hate counting . . .
my job is to find a good resting place . . 
. . . lately, it ain't easy . . .

I tried the chairs too so I won't be seen . . .
No such luck.

Of course, I always go to my house . . .
. . . and re-arrange my pillows
but the Babur pup goes to his house
which is next to mine
and snores like mad!

I tried sneaking in Luchie's room
and hides under her bed . . .
. . . which is pretty cool.
And when I get out . . .

. . . somedoggy is waiting . . 


Babur can be so annoying.

Of course,
when Babur gets bored asking
he sneaks on the hoomans . . 
. . . Mr. Wazzup in action.
The September girl Loyd gets a good wet bday kiss.
There ya go.
Good dog!

Here's another member of the What's Up club:
You guys better think of something to say
or you will never hear the end of it!

I told you so, Petrocelli!
Keeper will blah on and on
and wazzup you to boredom!

Talk of Keeper:
Last month, Keeper said goodbye to me.
She told me she might leave soon
but then she changed her mind.
She said she will bring me with her.
I was quite excited and waited all day . . .
. . . and weeks, and month . . .
but now, she told me 
we ain't leaving.
She said she is leaving tomorrow
but she will be back by weekend.

Keeper gave me lots of hug time all month.
Lots of brush time, massage time,
sing time, drool time,
and she said it is because
she might not be able to do all these
when she returns
because she will be radioactive toxic
and will stay away from us for a month.

And there goes my October.
Lots of Me time.
Lots of time with the "wazzup" gang.
And lotsa time to drool off.

And before I end my September saga
here is Babur's drool
from his nap:

It says a lot about September.
How was yours?


  1. Sweepy you are such a sweet dog. Please tell Keeper I will be thinking of her and she will be in my prayers.

  2. I am used to see my cats sleeping on all available tables, but you are the first dog (and of this size) who acts as table decoration, lol !

  3. You are such a handsome one, Sweetheart.

    Please tell Keeper that I am thinking of her, and praying for her.
    And give her some real big hugs for me. xo.

  4. Sweepy
    I am sad that Keepew has to go aways fow a while..i am cwossing my paws that she comes back soon and will be able to snuggle you again..smoochie kisses to you and Babuw

  5. Sweepy tell Keeper that we continue to purr for her cure. Give her lots of licks and love okay.

    thinking of your keeper,

    Emma and Buster

  6. You and the wazzup gang are adorable, Sweepy. I know you all miss Keeper and eagerly await her return. Please let her know I'm keeping her in my thoughts and prayers..

  7. how's keeper lui? i hope she's on her way to recovery now. sending more prayers and hugs!

  8. Many lovely beautiful photos to find here on your blog Sweepy! :)
    and best of all, Keeper decided not to leave, but for a shorter time, and came back. Lovely! Now I, you and many others are happy! :)

    Love viola :)
    pusa ^^)