Sunday, November 3, 2013

Its All About Peace . . .

November is all about Peace.

Peace is . . .
. . . about senior dogs like me
taking several naps during the day

Peace is also for pups like Babur:
. . . taking several naps during the day undisturbed
because the hoomans went to the cemetery ;-)
November is All Souls & Saints day 
for the people in the Philippines.
All the peeps go to the cemetery 
to visit their dead.

My dead Popsy Sumo and Brother Bogart
are buried in our little garden 
so I need not travel far to visit them.
FYI:  fur yer infurmation.

Peace means allowing me to sleep
while doing my guard duty . . .
. . . while watching for that pup Babur
who is not well
and not eating well lately . . .

Peace means having all the extra pieces of uneaten food
stacked on my food bowl!!! ;) :)

Peace is being with our Keeper:
. . . who is home all weekend
and patting our sleepy heads
and singing out-of-tune songs
and not smelling bomb sick anymore . . .

Peace is Keeper checking me:
. . . watching my furs for itchy-bitsy whatever
and smelling my feet and nails . . .
and kissing my paw . . .
. . . and telling me 
that it is OK to be old
and sleepy and less active
and that whatever I am
I am always loved.

Peace is finding something furry on the shed's roof:
. . . which is the dirty matted fur of Petrocelli,
our adopted stray cat,
who always drop by to be fed
and to find a safe place to rest his tired self . . .

Peace in our house Heaven
is all about sleeping
and loving
and living together . . .

I am barking early
for Mimi's Blog for Peace:

Peace is not just for people.
Peace is about all creatures,
and nature, and elementals,
and everything on earth
living and loving together.

What is peace for you?


  1. What a nice post ! With 4 always sleeping cats I really live a peaceful life !

  2. What a beautiful post this is, handsome fella!
    For me, it is always the same. Peace is knowing that my family, both furry and otherwise, is okay. Truly my family is the most important thing in the world to me.

    Sending you lots of big hugs and kisses (enough to share with Keeper!!).

  3. Peace is having, loving and knowing furry creatures like you

  4. So eloquently written, Sweepy. You are one talented dog! I love reading about you and Keeper and all the other inhabitants of your world.

  5. Peace be with all of you dear Sweepy and please tell Keeper I think of her every day and send you all my love and a big hug :)

  6. I love your peace graphic!

    Peace to you and yours on this and every day.

  7. peace to everyone in heaven sweepy!
    how's the pup babur now? i hope he's doing better now...

  8. I love your peaceful days Sweepy! :) what is peace for me, well when I read that lovely poem in the end of your post here, I agree fully with that! :)

    I hope you are doing fine and that you are not suffering from that bad typhon!!

    Peace & love
    Pusa ^^)
    and viola :)

  9. God bless you all, Sweepy, Keeper Babur and all the rest of this beautiful loving and giving family!
    Looking after and caring for our furry friends is a privilege and an honour and I wish all the world would be like Keeper Lui to their furry friends.
    Best Wishes

  10. The peaceful rhythm of your post calmed my own fears and let me know all is long as there is sleep and love and togetherness. Thank you for that.

    #4283 in the Official Peace Globe Gallery @