Saturday, November 16, 2013

Post Typhoon

Superdog tired.

The supertyphoon Yolanda did not hit us directly
although we had rains and some winds.
But this week the sun was out in full force.
And Keeper was out all week. . . 

There are donations to be made.
Petitions to sign.
And lots of work to organize . . .

My superdog task is to keep an eye on Babur
who seems to be sleeping a lot
and leaving the guard duty on me!


Ya can't sleep all the time!
You have to be on yer toes, er paws,
in case a typhoon comes,
or the delivery guys,
or when Keeper comes . . .

I told you so.
Keeper is home today
hoping to do some cleaning.
Oh, I hope she does not tire herself
and gasp for air
and make me worry . . .

Because they both got sick
Keeper and Babur try to take as many morning sun together
to heal themselves.

As you can see
Babur is quite well now:

Babur's main job during the typhoon
was to help clear the roof of debris.
Luchie tries to remove debris on gutters
and Babur scatters the leaves around.
No wonder they could not finish the job fast.

Babur is healed because there is somebody SUPER behind him. . .
. . . somebody who's older and wiser
and will accept him and care for him
like a family . . .

. . . and even if that supersomething 
can get super nagging hooha
and super worrier
the super task is done
and that makes it super. . . 

Yup, that super is ME!

And now I thank everyone who prayed for us.
To those who sent donations,
(Keeper would request to send it to the Red Cross)
and sent best wishes and prayers
we gathered them during the full moon
and sent the wishes and prayers
back to all the drooly kind souls
that you will be forever safe
and healthy and happy with your loved ones . . .

I send you big hugs
and now I take a super nap . . .


  1. So glad you are safe. :) We sincerely hope all the other doggies there are too!

  2. I too am glad you are safe. Please give Keeper a big hug from me and ask her to give one to you and Babur and all those who live in Heaven! I have sent donations through the Red Cross.

  3. I am so happy that you are safe and sound ! I saw this catastrophe on TV it's horrible. Belgium has sent doctors, helpers, food etc, but apparently it is very difficult to get to the places where it is needed the most.

  4. Hellooooo dear all of you! =)
    a big smile on my face when I saw your comment Sweepy, and I run directly to your blog!! =) I'm so glad you are all ok! but terrible how many that are suffering after the typhon!! an awful strong wind!!
    Love to read about you again, beautiful photos! :)

    Love and hugs
    Pusa ^^)
    Viola :)

  5. and - I sent my donation to doctors without borders. for the philippines.

  6. It is so good to see you hear, my handsome big boy!!!
    I am so glad that you are all okay, but my heart breaks for all that has happened there.

    Please give everyone a big hug for me, and of course I am sending you a big one too. Please, also make sure that Keeper takes it a bit easy too, okay?


  7. I'm so glad that you are all safe after that horrific typhoon. Babur is certainly a lucky dog, Sweepy, to be under your tutelage and protection. Wishing all the best to you and your family.

  8. sweepy, your super power still works for the pup and we're equally happy to see the pup doing better now. enjoy the super naps my dear and embrace the colder season now. our best regards to keeper lui and luchie!

    --january, bei and lucky boi

  9. We are happy that you are safe and sound. Keep up the good work and take care of each other.
    ♥♥♥ Love, Wyatt and Stanzie