Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Where to, Sweepy?

Woof, I dunno.
I can't drooly remember.
All I know is I have to wear red today.

There goes another red:
The Other Keeper Luchie kept playing it all day.
This thing has been with us for years!
This HoHoHo guy play carols all day!

Today, Luchie plays it as we gave candies to children.
My job is to call Luchie when the kids come.
The lady at the gate is Myrna, Keeper's former maid.
Myrna gave Babur to us.
Luchie can not give candies to Myrna.
Myrna gets a special grocery package.
She gets it every Christmas.
Myrna was so happy.

I wish the kids who come to our gate are not noisy.
They yell and call me names!
Keeper will always call their attention to it.
Keeper would never tire telling people 
to treat animals like us with care.
Now where is Keeper?

Ahhh, there she is!
Keeper tells me I need to make our holiday card.
People have been sending us holiday cards all week.
My job is to make one
and I am now retired ;-(

Keeper has to make our cards this year.
She starts by taking my drooly picture:
. . . which she pastes to a red card.
Keeper said it is not easy to take my photo now.
Plus her phone camera is a dud.

I have no choice but make another one.
And this year, without Babur, 
I can only include Petrocelli and his gurlfriend Petra
who Petrocelli brought with him to our roof
to be adopted and fed!
I hope everybody is happy
and healthy and has a warm home.

. . . and now my job is done.

Have a fiery red holiday, everybody and everyfurry!


  1. I think you all look wonderful! You and Keeper have been in my thoughts today. Hugs and love to you all!

  2. Isn't Christmas a hard job ? You look very nice in your red dress, lol !

  3. It is soooo nice to see all of you here!
    You look very handsome on your Christmas card, Big Boy! xoxoxoxoxo

  4. You look good in red, Sweepy! Wishing everyone in your world a wonderful New Year!