Sunday, December 22, 2013

Goodbye Babur!

Remember our adopted pup Babur?
He died early this morning with me beside him all night . . .

I will surely miss watching him sleep and snore
and miss him watching over me all the time.

. . . i will miss watching him do roaching:
. . . which I taught him.

. . . and miss laughing at how he sleeps with his eyes open:

I will miss watching him play with Keeper:
. . . and will miss hearing their laughter and fun play 
. . . since I rarely play "catch" anymore . . .

When Keeper is out
Babur would coax me to play with him:
. . . and I simply can't.
Oh, how I wish I played catch with him!

Babur would also bark at Dawgy across our house
to assure them that Luchie will feed them:
 . . . and Babur would later bark at Luchie 
to remind her to feed Dawgy and their new dog Whitey.

Babur would also bark at Petrocelli
whenever he sees our adopted cat on the streets!
I don't understand this because Babur would also bark
whenever he sees Petrocelli on the roof
waiting for his food.

But I like it most 
when Babur stayed beside Keeper:
. . . watching Keeper's every move
and making sure she drinks her blended veggie drink.

I will miss watching Babur at the back of the house:

or when he takes his nap at the cemented floor
 because he knew the morning sun
will warm his thin body soon . . .

Well, this morning his body did not meet the warm sun.
He died peacefully with me by his side.
Keeper and Luchie found us together.
I can no longer heal him.
Keeper is totally distraught!
She was crying all week
helplessly trying to make him well
and when Babur died, part of her died too . . .

When Babur died 
Babur brought the sunshine with him . . .
. . . and it will take a long time for us
to feel warm again . . .

Goodbye Babur!
May you find my Mumsy Pica and Popsy Sumo
and my big brother Bogart with you
in your flight to the Rainbow Bridge . . .

August 6, 2012 - December 22, 2013


  1. Oh no, I am so sorry to hear of Babur's passing. Such a sweet little soul and I send you and Keeper the biggest hug and much love. Denise xxx

  2. Lui,
    I am so very, very sorry. My heart breaks for you and my big fella.
    May your memories of Babur bring you comfort.
    Sending many, many hugs to you. xo.

  3. Oh, Lui, I am so sad and sorry to read this. Babur adored you and Luchie and his big brother Sweepy, and felt so much love in the time he had with you. Sending love and caring thoughts to all of you who are grieving his loss.

  4. So sorry for your loss of Babur. He is in good company now, over the bridge.
    RIP dear Babur.

    Wyatt and family

  5. sweepy dear, the news dishearten me and i feel so sad that the pup babur left so soon. pls stay strong, you and keeper, just think that babur is running-free now and chasing butterflies at the rainbow bridge. we will miss him.

    -january, leoncio, bea and lucky boi

  6. Sweepy,
    I'm so vewy sowwy that sweet Babuw had to cwoss the bwidge..I know he will find angels to keep him company and love him until you can all be togethew again
    sad smoochie kisses

  7. Sweepy, All of us are crying with you over the loss of your sweet Babur. He is always with you now in your heart and int he hearts of all who loved him.

    Cats of Wildcat Woods