Monday, January 20, 2014

Watch Dog Week

I. Am. A. Watchdog.
I watch our old house
in case it gets stolen.

When I hear my neighbor Dawgy
who now has a companion named Whitey . . .
. . . who both bark like there's no tomorrow
I bark back at Luchie:

"Feed them drooly ASAP!"

And Luchie grumbles but she has no choice.
Those dogs are hungry and they need food fast!
Move it, Luchie!

I also watch over my old house.
The hoomans still kept the two kennels.
And without Babur snoring on the next house
it felt lonely and quiet so I nap somewhere else:
I bring my blanket and pillow so I can nap in peace.

I also keep watch over Keeper:
Keeper tries to take a few minutes of sun on her body.
That is, if she does not get lazy standing there in boredom . . .

. . . and settles down to sit  instead:
Keeper worries about over sunbathing.
I worry that she never get to complete her 10 minute sunbath!
She is so lazy . . .

And this is Keeper's massage hooha:

. . . she massages the fats 
that accumulate on her legs, thighs,
belly, toes, armpits and back:

Of course, I watch her 
in case she decides to massage my back too!

And there she goes!
Will you tickle my ears too, Keeper?

And of course I watch Keeper's bike too:
She never gets to use it.
She is so lazy!
I have no idea why I have to watch it.
I think Keeper should donate it
together with the clothes she does not wear anymore!

It is not easy to watch
our old place named Heaven
especially when one is retired
and in his senior years . . .
I think we need to hire another watchdog.
It ain't easy watching all these old stuff and old people.
Hmp, I better take a nap!


  1. I think your Keeper was a cat in her former life ! Lazy, loves massages, and doesn't watch over the neighborhood (except Arthur) !

  2. Sweepy, you are a good yet delightful guard dog. Tell Keeper I say hi and give her a hug from me okay? Here's an ear tickle for you too, and a tummy rub.

  3. I know you know that Keeper has been through a lot, and so now she needs to be lazy for a bit. Or maybe she just likes to sit quietly with you, Sweet Boy!!! :-)

    Sending you big, big hugs and kisses. xoxoxoxo

    P.S. I'm lovin' that hooha thingy!!! :-)

  4. What a wonderful guardian you are, Sweepy. Lui and Luchie are lucky to have you there to welcome them home and to watch over them.
    Chloe and the cats say hello. I think they're a little bit jealous because you have your very own blog.

  5. Hey, I'm not lazy, S!
    I'm just forgetful ;-)