Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Keeper and I

My hooman and I are like twins . . .

. . . we are always together
sitting side by side . . .

and even woofsy lying together!

Last month when the weather got chilly
guess who snuggled in my house with me?

. . . Keeper, no less!
Her feet and legs can hardly fit inside my house
but her huge tummy sure make nice woofy pillows:

When Keeper gets her vitamin D from the morning sun . . . 
I get some too
simply because I nap beside her.

When Keeper does her meditation . . .
I fall asleep beside her.
Her calm energies make me sleepy!

But when Keeper falls asleep 
while reading the papers . . .
I stretch myself in front of her
so she can rest her feet on my furry back!

Keeper is my twin . . .
and her t-shirt says it all!
Now you know why she barks a lot!

Its your bday month, Keeper!
And I will always be beside you . . .

Now who is your twin?


  1. OMG, how embarrassing I look in the pics, Sweepy!

    Yes, you could be my twin.

  2. this is so sweet! i don't know why i'd always end up teary after reading your post. i love you both!

  3. You do the same job as my cats ! the perfect bed warmers, feet warmers and in my case also lap warmers, but for that you are a little too big !

  4. These photos bring tears to my eyes, Handsome, and in a very good way.
    There is nothing quite like this bond.
    You are bot so very special to me. xoxoxoxoxo

  5. Such a heartwarming post. So much love and tenderness in these images.