Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Woofy Uplate

No I am not in jail.
I am keeping watch
 for my doggy neighbors.

So I asked Luchie to take me out
so I can talk to them . . .

There goes Whitey:

Brawny is useless 
watching from the background:
Brawny must be a member of the wazzup team . . .

The Alpha Dawgy
is more desperate:

Dawgy said she wanted to stay there forever.
Keeper said we will feed them
as long as we can . . .

. . . but we can not adopt them.

. . . I don't think Whitey is assured . . .

I also think I lost
my superdog powers . . .


  1. Good that you are not in jail ! I just thought about bringing you some bones !

    1. I'm too woofy old to be eating bones, Gattina!

  2. I hope your super dog powers come back my little friend!

  3. What a kind Keeper you have, Handsome Boy!
    I hope your friends find wonderful forever homes, like the wonderful one you have.

    Love you, Fella! xoxoxoxooxox

  4. I feel so bad for your neighbors, Sweepy. Hopefully someone kind will take them both in.

  5. i hope a kind heart will give your neighbors a forever home...
    your birthday is coming up very soon my dear!

    hugs for you and keeper and for dawgy and brawny :)

  6. Hi Sweepy, first offf we thank you for your visits. Our human is specially lazy (busy, accdg to her) lately so our visits to friends are few and far between, sometimes even nonexistent.

    We feed 3 backyard cats too. sometimes mom lets them visit the inside of the house. She can only feed them as much as she can but just like you we cannot adopt them all. What a pity, we can only have so much resources.

    Emma and Buster