Tuesday, March 18, 2014


"Sweepy, wake up!"

"It is your 12th birthday!
Hapibday, my cute superdog!"

. . . mwah!

Yeah, I know its my bday.
I am not forgetful.
I am just a wee bit tired
because lookit:

We adopted Brawny.
Keeper can't stand the idea
that nobody wanted him.

Dawgy and her Whitey:
. . . has found their forever homes.
But nobody wants Brawny
so he is now ours.

And his new name is Hughes.

New name, new home, 
new whatever . . .
Hughes is my bday gift.
He is my new gofer.
Well, I have to teach him to bark
and watch for intruders
and not sleep too much
and not follow me around . . .

Quite a task really . . . 
. . . which makes me thirsty every hour!

I am too old to be training anydoggy
but there's always doggy will
and doggy pride to be an alpha leader . . .

And here's my blah pose.
I am now 12.
It is time to treat the wazzup guys . . .


  1. Every dog has its day, and today is your big day my Sweepy dear! Happy Woofing Birthday. Seriously. Take advantage of the day to just woof it up :)

    Uhm, is keeper supposed to buy you a birthday cake?

  2. Happy Birthday, Sweet Boy!!!
    And what a very special birthday present.
    Your Keeper is the very best, and so are you, Sweetheart.
    Sending you lots of hugs and kisses.

  3. Aaw, Sweepy! Happy Birthday to the coolest dog on the web! You look very handsome in your photos. I'm glad you and Hughes get along well and he has found such a loving family as yours. I hope Dawgy and Whitey will be happy in their new homes too, Sending lots of hugs for you on your special day!

  4. A very belated birthday from all of us - Mom just has not been on the computer much lately - it is too nice outside to sit inside and type! We hope your day was super and the year to come the best one yet Sweepy!

    Cats of wildcat woods