Thursday, June 12, 2014

I Have Woofy Cough

Ok, don't come near!
I have coughs.
No I don 't have colds
but I have coughs.

It must be the heat
and sudden rains
and the humid air
which is not good for senior dogs like me . . .
The vet prescribed medications which I hate.
Keeper is pretty worried.
She wakes up late at nights to soothe me
or early dawn to massage my throat and tummy.

The Keeper assigned the Pop & Pup team
to look after me:

I'm not really sure about those two.
The puppy Kizu is just after my food and water!

. . . much like his Popsy Hughes:
. . . at least Hughes does not dip his paws on my water bowl!

But Hughes is forever on the lookout
for the dreaded Madman in his nightmares!
. . . so when Hughes is near me
he is also on the lookout for some monster!

Keeper told Hughes that he is now home
and we are his family
and we will take care of him
and protect him from any madman
except when I have a cough
and I am not well
and when Keeper is out
and Hughes is not sure
if he will be OK. . .

And when Kizu the pup is near
Hughes forgets his fear for a while
because Kizu always wants to play
and Hughes remembers that he wanted to play too
because really they are both still puppies!

Just watch it when you play
and you don't run all over me!

I should close this story with that
but Kizu does not believe in story endings . . .

And so I end as I begin . . .
. . . the superdog remain watchful
as I try to make myself well!

Stay healthy everyone!
Stay super.
Stay strong.


  1. Awww, so sorry you are sick Sweepy. I will be thinking of you and of Keeper, and the rest of the hounds in heaven. I am traveling right now and am not able to get on my computer but you are all in my heart :)

  2. Hope you heal very quickly from your cough ! Looks as if you all lead a nice dog life !

  3. sending more love and healing for you my dear sweepy, get well very soon so you'll be able to rush back from your super life over the weekend.

  4. I saw on FB that you were sick, Sweetheart, and I've been thinking of you, and hoping that you are all better real soon. You have a wonderful crew taking care of you. That is for sure.

    Sending you bigs hugs and kisses. xoxoxoxooxoxoxoxo

  5. Dear sweet Sweepy, I'm sorry to hear you caught. I hope you'll get well soon!
    So nice to read about you and Hughes and Kizu. So many lovely photos.
    Sending you light and love :)
    And get well soooon!
    Drooly kisses to you and all of you!
    Pusa '')/ and viola :)

  6. Poor baby! I'm so sorry that you don't feel well, Sweepy. Hoping your medicine and the TLC you're receiving (even from Kizu) make you fell better really soon. I'll bet those middle of the night massages really are comforting to you. Chloe woofs hello!