Monday, June 2, 2014

Its Drooly June Already!

And hullo!
I miss all of you!
I'm purrfectly Ok.

My paws look OK.

My drooly feet and tails are OK

Life is OK . . .
. . . if only I can remember most of it!

. . . heehaw!

I still have my pop-and-pup tandem
to brighten my dooly days!

The Pop Hughes is always beside me:
. . . always whining. 
Always in some great terror.
I bet he escaped from some madman
and is always waiting for the madman
to come back and claim him!
What an insane thought!

And the Pop's Pup Kizu
is always beside me
smelling my butt!
When people come to the house
they always think Kizu is my pup
and that I am Kizu's Mumsy!
Hello! Do I look like a Mumsy????

Oh stop it, Keeper!

When I hover beside Keeper
Kizu hovers beside us!

When I nap under Keeper's chair . . .
. . . Kizu naps right beside me!

I did not expect to be watching pups in my senior years
but it is so obviously my role now.

So here's to June
and here's to happy days for all of you as well
and here's our drooly photo:
I told ya Keeper gained weight!


  1. You are perfectly ok, and oh so very handsome!!
    Kizu is growing quickly, and what a sweet boy you are, taking care of him, and Hughes.

    Sending you (and Keeper, too!!) big hugs and kisses. xoxoxooxox

  2. Still lookin' good, Sweepy. Looks like Kizu is thriving. I hope poor Hughes can someday get over his bad memories.
    The last shot is hilarious!
    Love to all in Heaven!

  3. sweepy? a mumsy? sorry dear but i can't help but laugh at this thought...anyway, glad everyone in heaven is doing great and that keeper is perfectly in shape.

    the pup kizu is too cute for words :)

  4. Hahaha!! Oh obviously, Keeper has gained weight!!!! Tell her to drink only water from now ;)
    So good to see all of you! I enjoyed each and one photo! Kizu is sooo sweet, and so are you and Hughes! I had to smile when I read Hughes probably has run away from a mad man.. it's just as I can imagine how he sometimes behaves (and then I mean Hughes).. ;)
    Drooly kisses from Pusa '')/ and her Keeper :)) from far north..