Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Super OlymPET Strikes Again!

Omigosh, it is August!
The 'Oh-Ghost' month.
And just last weekend
the PetBloggingGames began
in time with the human's Olympics.

Oh I'm sure I was the only senior dog in comPETition.
I can feel it in my bones
PLUS I'm super late.

I know we had some lousy weather lately.
From stormy, windy hot to rainy hot.
But I was on top of my game.

Now lookit:
My rah-rah something.

Super nailed it!

My woofy ball:

Woofy aced it!

Oh-oh, what's this?
It's Keeper manicure bag!

I should haul it to the back of the house
and bury it in the compost pit
BUT . . .


The old lady Luchie looked strangely at me.
Keeper's Uncle Billy died and they take turns at the wake.

Now the woofy messenger left the bills:

 Okay when Keeper comes home
I will drooly tell her
that I took care of the electric bill!

It is not easy to be in the pet olympics.
I get super drooly excited all the time.
And when I get super excited . . .
I get super tired.

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1 comment:

  1. Ju-huuuu Sweepy! =) such a olympic stunt in the air, wow! You are just great, the greatest! :))

    I'm sory to hear about the uncle..

    I hope you are doing fine and that you do not have any flood there at your place!

    I love you! :)

    Pusa ^^) and
    Viola :)

    Lovely lovely photos, I enjoyed them all! :)