Friday, August 24, 2012

SuperLate Uplate

As you can see I am super OK.
Stretched out late and waiting.

I tried to check how the pet Olympic went
but the site disappeared!
Oh. My. Dog!
Now I have no woofy idea if I won or not!

Well, here are my entries:
I know I'm not the usual dig-earth-dog
and yeah I know I am digging the top of the marbled table
but the trick is I am digging well.
And that's what the whole game is all about!
Of course not unless the game say
"to dig with great purpose"
so duh . . . I lose this one!

Tongue Out
I could have nailed this except that the other entries had super long tongue sticking out
so duh . . . I lose this one too!

For some strange reason this game was stricken out.
Too bad I could have won this paws up!

 I guess I lose to those who seem walking down the Eiffel Tower
or down London Bridge or Golden Gate bridge
or walking in pairs, or those walking in style.
I was pathetically walking down RainbowAve
with no drooly action.
I surely lost this one.
Paws down.

Watch how I barked furiously at the utility guy on ladder!
But for some reason I think I was too late for this entry . . .

Synchronized Sleeping
 Super great entry
but I was too late and miss the deadline ... again!

Now lookit:
 My wannabe doing a solo act!
 This is the best balancing act
but too bad they only allow breathing animals.

 Draw Your Human
 Got this 100%!
Keeper look awesome in my doodle
but I think they want cutey hoomans
and mine ain't one. Sigh.

Sweepy, Sweepy in the sky
how I love this cutey pie
up above the world so high
like a puppy in the nigh!

Note: to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle In the Sky

This is the purrfect entry
except there was none for singing.

There ought to be a law against late entries
and late dogs, and no-brainer pose entries
 but surely I'm not it . . .
 My country lost in the Olympics.
I lost the petblogginggames site
and now I know I didn't win any.

But the storms and the rains
and the super hot days
has not affected us
in our little place called Heaven
so I guess I won in there . . .

 Heaven is safe, fuzzy, warm, and loving
while I watch the freaking world outside
go woofy dark, scary and confusing . . .

Now this superdog needs some yogurt . . .

Thank you all for your prayers and letters.
I woofy take them with me as I sleep safe in my pillows!


  1. You may not be an Olympic champion, Sweepy, but you're a winner in my book. What a cute, funny post!

  2. I miss you Big Guy, and I have to agree with Pat (Bailey Road). You are indeed a winner in every way.
    Big hugs to you!

  3. Sweeeepy, our friend - hello! =) How good to see you again! I've enjoyed watching your lovely photos! :)
    It's fun how you walk on the table! ;) I love it!
    And I could hear you sing all the way to here, you are clever! and such a nice song written by your Keeper? :))
    I also like the drawing, I guess Keeper drew it? Lovely!

    Warm hugs to you Sweepy and your Keeper! :)
    Pusa ^^)
    viola :)

  4. how's v-day sweepy? i hope you and lui had a good time :)