Thursday, September 6, 2012


We have a new puppy.
His name is Babur.

He loves anything sweet.
Actually, anything edible he likes.
Including anything not edible like rocks.

I am supposed to watch over him.
And no amount of protest will make the hoomans
understand that I have no wish to care for another dog.

Most especially one who inflates after eating:
That thing can turn into an incredible hulk
for all I woofy know!

Luchie would bring Babur near me . . .
Oh, spare me that frisky thing!
He drools endlessly!

And he goes to follow me anywhere I go.
Really pesky.

Will somebody tell my hoomans
that this superdog is not a
super caretaker . . .


  1. Quite late but still laughable.
    Oh, how time flies!

  2. Hello Sweepy, and Lui! and Babur! =)

    Gorgeous photos and how sweet and small Babur is there! He has really grown since then. I forgot to ask.. Babur is it a girl or a boy?

    Have a lovely time! :)

    says Pusa ^^)
    viola :)