Saturday, March 2, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

woohoo im back.

been busy watching this frisky guy:
his name is Babur.
our new adopted something.
keeper said he was named after somebody
who made a trek over some city on foot.

so i'm back
and i'm back watching over keeper's toys:
. . . and that frisky guy beside me.
he can get unruly.
"watch that mouth, b!"

"hey b, you can not lick any of keeper's stuff!"

"b, don't step on them!"

there. that's the best pose, b.
stay calm. stay cool.
and don't mess our lives . . .

that could be keeper's nail polish too.

and that could be me and my woofy fur.
lately it looks murky brown
but believe me, ashley, it used to be golden yellow.

must be my phone cam too.
i think it needs a new battery
and keeper has been busy working all week
and when she's free she does this:
playing even on her birthday week.
pathetic really.

now i got to go and watch some real action somewhere . . .


  1. Ugh!
    I'm always the villain
    but hey you guys didn't break my toys!

  2. Good to see you back at the game (-:

  3. Yay Sweepy Sweep you're back! I've been wondering where you been at! A new friend in the house, and on the porch, and in your toys. Yikes. But a new friend is a blessing. Someone to help with the woofy stuff.
    Have a great day and happy birthday slop and kisses to Keeper

  4. So you are back and even with a new friend ! How nice !

  5. I am sooooooo glad you are back handsome boy!!
    And it looks like you have a wonderful new friend.
    Sending you big hugs!

  6. Super dog sweepy ruling the sky! a fantastic heading!

    haha! so fun to read your post, thanks for making me smile all the way! :)
    so you've got a new room mate, how fun.. but there are some works with it also, I guess ;) keep cool, don't let he ruin your cars and toys.. but sure, I think you are good friends! :)

    Lovely photos! but what is keeper doing down there on the flooooor?? :D

    kisses, viola and pusa :)

  7. i'd been waiting for this sweepy dear, you remain to be as handsome as before! send my drooly kisses to babur!