Sunday, March 10, 2013

Super Scavenger Sumthin'

Woof, I'm back.
Wait, what day is it?
Oh-oh, it is time for Ashley's Scavenger Sunday Hunt!
Wait, it could be the other way around.

Word for the Day
Or a subtle (ya can't see it!) way to nag that frisky thing
that I have to take care of
in my old age.

5 is one of the numbers in my house.
5 is also one of the numbers in the hooman house.
Just so you woofy know.

Now this is my water bowl.
Keeper nags me to drink water every hour
but I tend to forget.
How can I drooly remember
if you are not here to remind me, Keeper?!?

And now I share this water with:
Babur is not really thirsty.
He has a knack of doing what I'm doing.
If I mark a bush, he marks it as well.
If I roach, he does too.
If I bark, snore, whatever . . .
he does too.
Babur lives a boring life
as you woofy know by now.

. . . also called Roaching.
Dogs roach for the simple reason
that we need to scratch our back, hello!
It also ease our boredom.

And here's another Super Wiggle 
from our CCTV:
The spy thing covers only ho-hum activities.
Watta. Waste. Really.
Now you woofy know.

Waddya mean there's no Sleep prompt?
There has to be one!
I badly feel the need for one now.
Ashley, do something!

Ok, if you need any more hunting to do
just ask this fellow:
. . . he will do anything for a pack of cookies.

Now let this senior dog take his nap
while my Babur watches my blog
and dontcha make them peeps come near, ya hear?!

Warning: That pup Babur did not have anti-rabies shots yet.
Watch it cause he's pretty darn dangerous.
Now don't say I didn't warn ya.


  1. You are such a handsome fella!
    it looks like you and Babur have become best of friends.
    I love "Wiggle."

    Happy Sunday to you, and sending hugs to all!

  2. Super Wiggle montage is fun!

  3. You get the award for best wiggles, also creativity for the sleep prompt.

  4. Looks like a very happy dog life !!

  5. very cute... love the light behind the "sharing" picture.

  6. Cool CCTV shots! Have a great woofy week!

  7. That is so cool, nice to meet you..Pop over to our mad pad for some Bacon :) xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  8. Hello super dog pinoy sweepy. Thanks for visiting us. We are two cats that were rescued from the shelter in 2010. We live with our mama and papa. Our mama is super pinoy too.

    Emma and Buster

  9. Babur is pretty like our Luckydoo who loves to nag Bea most of the time.

    Btw, our fur babies (Ate Shen, Bea & Luckydoo) sends their drooly greetings on your forthcoming birthday. Another healthy and happy year for you Sweepy dear!:)

  10. Fun to see all those photos! You and Babur are such sweet dogs! and what a lovely kiss! :))