Thursday, December 5, 2013

Oh, hullo there!

Its December already.
How time flies!

The peeps were busy all week.
Luchie had her birthday.
Then one of the neighbors adopted a family
who survived the typhoon Yolanda.
The neighbors and my hoomans 
all helped donate some stuff to them.
My job is to watch over the house:
. . . look at the pup Babur
practically barring the way . . .
Luchie can  not enter the house!

Keeper also asked me
to keep the house clean
while she is away . . . 
I sweep the dusty floors
and now I have to wait for her . . .


On Keeper's "off" days
she stays home
and feeds us extra kibbles during playtime:
Keeper massages my fur
and sings me lullabies.
I kindda miss her.

And of course I remember.
So don't believe when they say
I get forgetful . . .
Now, if only I can remember what time is Keeper coming home?


  1. How fortunate you are, handsome fella, to have someone you care so much for, and who cares so much for you in return. I love the first photograph of Babur's paw, but there is nothing quite so sweet as "my" Sweepy.

    Sending you enough hugs to share with Keeper xo.

    P.S. Happy Birthday, Luchie!!!

  2. You are sweet and noble dogs! Please tell Keeper I think of her every day and wish we could share a cup of tea together, but I will imagine it anyway :)

  3. You are two lucky dogs ! and you look so sweet together ! It's so nice of your neighbors to shelter these poor people !

  4. What wonderful, handsome guardians of the home you and Babur are, Sweepy! It's okay if you forget sometimes - we all do. Keeping Keeper in my thoughts and hoping all is going well with her. Don't let her work too hard. Sending Luchie a belated happy birthday wish!
    Chloe and the cats say hi!

  5. keeper lui is so lucky to have you both!

    p.s. babur is getting handsome and handsome each day but no matter what you would always be the super dog sweepy dearest!

  6. So glad for the update, Lui. Your work with the children must be so fulfilling. Having taught in the city for thirty years, I worked with a lot of "hurt" children. It's always a joy to make a connection and open your heart to their needs.
    The art display looks amazing!