Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Can You Woofy See Me?

Look again.

Now, I'm sure you can see me.

Now can you see me here?

I am woofy sleeping somewhere there.

It won't take long for somebody dark . . .
. . . will smell me out 
and stay close.

Hughes, our new adopted pup,
is so at home
and is so enamored of me
that it makes me sick
just by looking at that muddy color
that Keeper calls "umber" . . .

Now, do you see this?

It fell from Keeper's bin.
Keeper usually recycles paper
to make into anything artsy.
But not this one . . .

It looks crumpled
and thrown into the trash bin.

When nobody wants it
I want it!

It's your woofy thingy.
Nothing that you want.
Nothing for your artsy.
I bit it all into nothingness.

That should make a good literary piece, Keeper.

So how is your week?


  1. the scorching heat of april summer is hitting me bad, sigh!
    drink lots of water and avoid too much sun my dear! hugs for everyone in heaven :)

  2. Nice hiding place ! and a happy belayed birthday !

  3. Personally I think you were making your own piece of art :) Please tell Keeper hi and give her a hug from me, you too , and Hughes but don't be jealous of him, you're still the star :)

  4. What a beautiful work of art you made, Handsome Boy!
    I am sure that Keeper did not mind you borrowing some of her goodies.

    We are having our first bit of spring-like weather this week, so here, we are trying to spend some time outside, enjoying it.

    Sending big hugs to you, Keeper, and Hughes. xoxoxoxooxoxox

  5. You can't blame Hughes for being such an admirer, Sweepy. He knows a Super Dog when he sees one.

  6. Found stuff makes the best toys!

    Cats of wildcat woods

  7. Hello dear Sweepy, so nice to see you again! I hope everything is fine with your 2 and 4leg family. Have you got a new puppy at your home??
    Lovely photos! :)
    Happy Easter to all of you
    from viola and pusa :) ♡