Saturday, April 26, 2014

My New Watchdog

This is my other nap place.
From this turf
I can see anybody
and anything moving
down Heaven . . . .

But lookit:
Somebody just used my secret nap place.
My new gofer Hughes discovered it!
But it is impossible for him to be there.
Hughes walk with a limp
and can hardly jump
. . . but there he is!

. . . now Hughes gives me a drooly kiss
to make amends.

On most days
Hughes stays by the chair
when I lounge on the table:

When I am near the other chair . . .
Hughes would SIT on the chair
as if to tell me 
he is capable of jumping
even with his injured leg.

Now when I hide to nap outside my house
Hughes would lie beside me!
Hughes can get startled by noise
and I am his go-to guy.

Oh, what am I going to do with you, Hughes!!!

Ok, that's it
I am taking a nap
and you stay 
and watch over me. . .
. . . make sure nobody will come near me!

And there he is:
When I tell Hughes to keep watch
the poor thing will indeed keep watch . . .

Hughes is now my new watchdog.
If you need me for anything
please call my new gofer.



  1. I think Hughes is so happy to have you for a friend, Sweetheart!
    You looks so regal sitting on top of the table.

    Sending you and Keeper lots of love and big hugs. xoxoxoxoxo

  2. I think you and Keeper are heroes to Hughes. You took him in when he was in need. It's nice to have someone to help you keep watch over Heaven.
    It looks like you make a pretty good team.

  3. hughes adores you and idolizes your being the superdog. both of you look handsome dear! regards to keeper :)

  4. So fun to see! And Sweepy, you've got a watch dog! %)
    I enjoyed myself watching these photos and reading you post.
    Beautiful photos!
    Kisses from viola :) and pusa "")/