Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Oh-oh Lookit!

I thought me and Hughes is now a team
but lookit!

Keeper adopted another one!

And this small pup
actually belongs to this pup:
Don't let that smile fool you.
Hughes mated with the neghbor's Whitey
 on his short stay there
and produced four puppies
including this one . . .

This puppy's name is Kizu.
That is short for kisses.
After all he has a father 
whose name stands for hugs.
A father-and-son hugs and kisses!

Kizu is as small as a leaf:
. . . but only when he is curled like that.

When Kizu stretches out . . .
. . . he is equivalent to three leaves!

I often smell that leaf, er,
that small Kizu . . .
. . . because he smells funny
and he snores funny too!

And Kizu smells me back!
. . . now don't ask what Kizu said
because puppies say a lot of mean things.

Puppies also say a lot of crazy things . . .

Kizu discovered my house
and my pillows . . .

And Kizu decided it is now his house!

Now that's what I get
for not sleeping in my house!

Keeper said fate brought us all together
and that we should learn to love each other.
Now if only I can have a peaceful nap
I can learn to love these new team . . .

I have a new team.
We have covered all furry colors except black.
And when we are together
you all better watchit!


  1. Hellooo Sweepy!! :D
    So fun to see all these photos! :) And I think it is just wonderful
    that you have got such a lovely small four leg friend! You'll be
    a great team, I can already feel it! :)
    Yes we will watch up - for YOU babes!!!! :D ♡
    From now I'll easily remember your house mates' names, Hughes
    and Kizu, as I know understand what the names mean :)

    Hugs and love,
    Viola and Pusa '') "")/

    But pssst! in fact I am much taller and bigger than Pusa! ;D
    (in spite of those smiley icons..)
    But I have to admit, how small and sweet Kizu boy is! :)

  2. Awwww, Sweepy, a new member of the family. Please tell Keeper I am proud to know her, she has such a big heart. I have missed her too.

  3. Oh my goodness, Sweepy! Kizu is so tiny! I'm so glad that Keeper and Luchie took him in. He looks like he will require lots of care and nurturing to grow big and strong like you and Hughes, his proud-looking father. Sending you and your pack love and best wishes.

  4. oh, a new pup in heaven! kizu is too cute for words sweepy and your keepers are heaven sent to homeless pups and all. looking forward to sweepy, hughes and kizu's exciting activities on the days to come. kisses to everyone dear!

  5. How fortunate you are to have Kizu, my handsome boy!!!
    I know that you will watch over him, and take very good care of him.
    You are a beautiful family!

    Sending you big hugs and kisses. xoxoxooxoxoxo