Monday, May 12, 2014

Mumsy Day!

This is my Mumsy Pica.
She died in 2008. 
My Mumsy was 17 years old when she left me.
I miss her a lot!

Now this is a typical mongrel family.
Nobody knows how the combination will look like.
In my case, it was Super! :-)

And this is Kizu's family:
Hughes and Whitey equals 
a small bundle of nerves!

Of course I have to watch over Kizu
since we adopted him already
and his father Hughes is barely a pup himself!
But I have to do other stuff to stay alert
while Kizu is taking a nap.

When Kizu and I take naps together . . .
I have to make sure my paws can feel him.

So in case Kizu makes a move
I will be alerted.

When Kizu snores . . .
. . . my paws cross over his fat body!
That means staying super alert.

When Kizu is awake:
Ya better watchit
because that small thing
turns into a vampire
with sharp fangs!

Hughes would dare play with him:
They love to play tug the whatever.
And Kizu always win!
Now I know why Kizu eats a lot.

But for safety purposes
it is always better to stay up and away . . 
when Kizu is awake and on play mode.
Not unless you wanted to play with a vampire.

But it won't take long . . .
. . . before that vampire
can climb our safe haven!
Oh my.

And because it is Mothers day something
and in case you are wondering
who is the pawrents of Hughes . . .
. . . is Keeper.
Keeper is the mother of the lost
the strays, the abandoned,
the silly, and the whatever.

Happy Mumsy day to everyone!
Hug yer Mumsy if you still have one.
I am hugging and being hugged by Keeper.
And if she can hug you all
she probably would.


  1. What a lovely Mother's Day tribute this is, Sweepy. I love the sweet way you touch baby Kizu with your paws.
    What a wonderful loving home you and your pack (along with the cats on the roof) have with Keeper.

  2. Happy Mumsy Day to you, Handsome Boy!!!
    You have the bestest Mumsy in the whole world.

  3. Commenting on Lui's blog here, Sweepy.
    Such a sweet song and cute photos of all the adorable inhabitants of Heaven.
    Kisses and big hugs to Hughes, Kizu, Petrocelli and Petra, and, especially you, Sweepy.
    Big hugs to Keeper, who looks after all of you!

  4. Hello Sweepy! Your words make me always in good temper, with a smile on my mouth :) I wonder what you will do when Kizu is big enough to jump up on the table!? But you're taking good care of little Kizu boy, I can see that :) beautiful family collages! :) you quite look like your mummy. But her face is narrower, your shape of your head is more like your daddy. I think..
    Your keeper is a kind and lovely person! :)

    Drooly kisses from pusa ^^)____ and viola :)

  5. i love your drooly and super family sweepy, and i hope kizu will grow up as adorable as you, and healthy too. the weekend is coming your way in heaven, i hope keeper will be home to more plays and cuddles and kisses :)